tuberías plásticas reunidas



Nowadays, fiber optic cables are almost always installed in existing conduit systems. Normally, because the existing conduit system is overfilled and, on the other hand, a new conduit system construction is expensive, these two factors constitute a problem.

The microduct and multiducts system and the microcable networks solve the problem in an integral way. They are presented as a single microduct or as multiducts, that is, a group or bundles of microducts wrapped in a thin outer jacket or inside a conduit of diameter 32,40 or 50 mm

Direct buried and indoor microducts are installed directly on the ground or inside buildings. The multiducts are also installed within an EXISTING duct system increasing their capacity or directly buried in the ground.

Both the microducts and the multiducts are available in a version that prevents the propagation of flames, for interior systems. Fiber-optic microcables are installed in blown microduct systems and are treated in an extremely soft way, because they are thin, lightweight and cheap.

Advantages for the systems, networks and lines investor:
• Easy gradual development of cable networks, which are the main part of the cost due to the easy blowing of fiber optic micro cables.
• Lower total cost of a 1 km cable conduit,
• much longer installation sections (between joints), fewer gaskets, cable manholes and storage compartments
• Lower cost of space occupied by the microduct lines, p. a 7x10 multiducto can contain cables with the same number of optical fibers as 7 tubes with a diameter of 40 mm, and occupies 7 times less space; It is particularly noticeable in steps under obstacles on the ground.
• Possibility of creating access networks without fiber optic joints, on long and winding routes from the access centers to the user.
• easy to REPLACE old types of optical fiber with new ones.

Advantages for the line and network installer:
• Much smaller volume and weight of materials (microducts, multiducts and microcables) and equipment (blowing in machines, compressors), and therefore easier and cheaper.
• Easy storage, loading, transport and unloading of materials and equipment and rapid execution of the works due to easier handling of materials and equipment at the construction site.
Advantages for the network operator

• Easy blowing of fiber optic micro cables, according to the order of the user. Easy to replace them with new ones, eliminate the line or eliminate a fault. Low cost, compared to the traditional cost, to maintain a reserve capacity of the microduct system with the possibility of renting it to other users,
• Easy to branch lines.



Data sheet

• PN–EN 61386–1 Conduit systems for cable management. Part 1- General requirements.
• PN–EN 61386–24 Conduit systems for cable management. Part 2-4.
• ZN–30/2008 Micropipes and multipipes for constructing optical fibre microconduit systems. .

Requirements and tests.
• Customer specification.
• Color and bands to agree. To consult other diámeters y Thicknesses MICRODUCTOS Download file in .PDF


Multiducts Bundle o Flat ( package of very thick microduct, wrapped in thin polyethylene cover to be directly buried or to put inside existing conduit)


Multiductos Bundle (Thin thickness microduct package, wrapped in protective tube to be directly buried or put inside existing conduit)

Multiductos Bundle (paquete de microductos de espesor fino envuelto en tubo de
protección para ser directamente enterrado o para meter dentro de conducto existente)